The Nocheski  experience has been gained through dedicated service to our customers from the initial contact through to project completion both within Ghana and without.Senior management are often in the field supervising installations right through to handover to the client.This separates us from many of our  competitors, where management have never left an air-conditioned office.

Our personnel have strong personal experience, formal and relevant education in all required fields of study, and an unshakable personal belief in renewable energy as a non-polluting and effective power source for the future.The Nocheski brand is a capable and enthusiastic partner for your renewable energy project.

At Nocheski, we ensure that all the products & services that we offer to our clients  meet the highest international standards for performance, life expectancy, serviceability and cost.By doing so, Nocheski is able to be 100% confident that our system designs perform to expectation and specification.

Areas of expertise include:

  • On-grid connected residential and commercial solar power systems.
  • Off-grid remote area power systems for residential households
  • housing estates villages, mining companies and telecommunication installations.
  • General battery charging applications.
  • Project design analysis and consultancy.