Pure solar water: Generating Clean Drinking Water from Air

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Pure solar water: Generating Clean Drinking Water from Air

Pure solar water: Generating Clean Drinking Water from Air

The leapfrog in solar panels technology addresses the global issue of water supply by providing clean, drinkable water. Think about it, we are all surrounded by air, a form of vapour, water’s gaseous, evaporated state. A new form of solar atmospheric water generators attempts to harness the power of the sun and create clean, drinkable water from the air.

The new type of solar panel could turn moisture in the air to clean drinking water and would be a big boon to families in cities like Guayaquil, Ecuador where there are no city pipes. It could save time for the women in sub-Saharan African who spend an estimated 40 billion hours a year collecting water. The clean water generated could eliminate water-borne diseases.

The new solar panels, which are not for retail sale yet, can be installed at home or office. The panels are said to be self-contained and work on a special membrane which can absorb the water molecules. The water is then treated with minerals to add fresh taste and then stored in on-board reservoirs.

What is the underlying premise of creating clean water? The material which is created reportedly can absorb water from the air. What would happen if you leave a bowl of salt open? It would become clumpy due to the moisture. The solar panel works on the same premise, where the water is evaporated to purify it, and further remove pollutants.

The solar panel technology would cost around $2,900, with no installation costs, and produce around ten small water bottles daily, and is expected to last for around ten years. A single panel could reportedly provide cooking water for a family of four inclusive of hospitals or businesses, which can be scaled up with the use of multiple panels.

When are we getting this new technology in Ghana? We dont know for now


Source: SolarPower.com Editorial Team

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